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Clinical research is vital to develop new and more effective treatments and to find remedies for orphan diseases. Unfortunately, these studies are costing more and more, and they go on for too long. How then can we make them more effective? Andaman7 brings a solution!

Research is now based on enormous amounts of data. These data are:

Old and of limited value

More recent, but difficult to obtain because the processes put in place are rigid.

Andaman7 puts the patient at the center of the process by transforming them into a true hub of medical data, allowing them to share it while retaining control. 90% of patients are willing to share their health data, provided they stay in the loop.

Andaman7 allows you to interact simply and effectively with patients at any time. Access to patient data in real-time (or almost), and sending dynamic questionnaires allows for the collection of data, structured or not, to enrich clinical studies at any time. Phase 4 studies and PROM studies are also the main beneficiaries of this innovative approach.

Andaman7 Products:

  • A7 Dual: receives health data (medical, mental, fitness, nutrition, genetics) shared by the patient in any desired format
  • A7 Consent: management of obtaining the explicit consent of the patient
  • A7 Forms: management of research questionnaires + PROM (and PREM) - preparation, sending, patient notification, reception, anonymization and return of results
  • A7 Chat: direct communication between practitioners and patients

Overview of the main functions of Andaman7:

  • Getting the patient's consent via the circle of trust and signing the 'e-consent'
  • Collection of patient PHR data for which consent was given
  • Preparation and sending of interactive questionnaires to the patient Anonymization of information gathered
  • Sending notifications (instructions, reminders, ...)
  • 'Chat' system for direct communication between PI and patients
  • Highly secure exchanges: end-to-end encryption, absence of storage in the cloud.

For more information, please contact us at b2b@andaman7.com

Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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