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We detail everything in our privacy policy (see below). Besides, we want to be as transparent as possible and share here with you the main elements of our vision on privacy, as well as the business model on which the Andaman7 project is based.

Why the Andaman7 app is free?

Andaman7 is a project created by patients, for patients, to significantly improve healthcare for all.

The ambition to improve patients' lives through technology comes from our founder, Vincent Keunen. In 2007, everything changed for him: after being diagnosed with leukaemia, his 10-year-old son, Pierre, was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Today, they are doing well, thanks in part to medical research. However, through this hardship, Vincent noticed how difficult information management in the medical world was. How difficult it was for patients, different doctors and caregivers to collaborate seamlessly. How difficult it was as a patient to have access to your own health data. How difficult it was not to be equal in the face of the treatments available for your illness....

Vincent therefore decided to help the health sector with an efficient, secure and easy to use tool for everyone. We offer Andaman7 for free so that cost is not an obstacle:

  • For patients, so that they can easily have access to their health data and be empowered in their own health journey.

  • For health professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.), so that they have a tool to better communicate with their patients.

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What does Andaman7 do with your data?

The answer is nothing!

As patients (and more generally as citizens), we believe we are the sole owners of the data about us. Other people can hold data about us if we know about it, if we agree, if we know the purpose and if we can stop it at any time. Our philosophy is actually very close to the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Everything we do at Andaman7 is aligned with this vision. For example, we do not have access to your data. We do not process it, share it or change it in any way. We merely offer you opportunities to share data (all or parts) – on your terms and to your benefit. Some examples are improving your care or helping research. You are always in control. Your explicit consent is always needed.

Your health data is only stored on your smartphone and in your backups. It is not stored on our servers. During the sharing of your health data (which is done at your initiative), it does transit through our servers in a encrypted manner - and even then we don’t access your health data.

We do store on our servers a limited set of personal non-medical data like your name, e-mail address, town, etc. This is to allow our platform to work and to reduce the risk of potential malevolent users. All the details are in our privacy policy (and we respect HIPAA and GDPR).

> Read the full privacy policy of Andaman7.

What is our business model?

We are completely transparent about our business model.

Often companies provide a free app in exchange for the ability to sell your data or advertise to you.This is technically impossible for us since we have no access to our users' health data.

We offer Andaman7 to doctors, hospitals and researchers who want to improve the effectiveness of treatment and general health care. To do this, we facilitate interactions between them and volunteer patients, and we facilitate access to health data of patients who give their explicit consent. These companies then compensate Andaman7 in the form of a fee to use the platform.

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Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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