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"I can now take my family’s medical files with me, everywhere I go (on vacation, for example) and make sure I don’t forget a file when visiting a medical specialist."

G. Valluy


"We think we can remember everything but that’s not true, and more importantly, it’s not enough. Andaman7’s synthesized version is nice."

R. Bossuet


"I have 3 kids and I manage all of their medical records which are now pretty complete."

Ph. Brugier


"My interest is twofold: it helps me remember everything and the sharing of information with the doctor."

F. Baume


"It’ll be way easier for me when I visit a medical specialist."

M. Brazier


"It’s important for me to have all my medical information at hand, just in case an emergency occurs whilst travelling."

A. Geffroy


"With your application, it is no longer necessary to memorize all 7 of the medicines I take on a daily basis, and to keep a copy of my prescription with me at all times."

I. Brassard


"The time will come when it will be my daughter or one of my grand children speaking on my behalf to explain the reason behind my doctor’s visit."

F. Bennet


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