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  • "By far, this is the best app of its kind. I should know - I've tested many!" P.Bo
  • "I've been using this app long before the pandemic, and I must say Andaman7 has been of tremendous help during every appointment. Whenever any of my doctors ask for information that, unfortunately, due to my limited memory, I cannot recall, this app comes to the rescue. For example, some doctors had to prescribe medications without Aspirin, as I am allergic to it. To assist them in determining the appropriate prescription, I open my app and show them all my recorded medications. This way, they get an idea of what to prescribe for the specific pain. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have my full support." D. Parilla
  • "I've been searching for an app to organize my personal medical records for a long time. I was tired of every time searching through tons of paper to find a result from a previous exam or a diagnosis from a doctor. From all the apps I downloaded and evaluated, Andaman7 is the best one! I can save all types of records, from lab results, allergies, medications, and more; simply by sharing a PDF File with my lab results on my phone, I can convert it to a comprehensive and searchable record, and I can even sync between devices. I definitely recommend it." J. Elgueta
  • "Your app is a godsend. I use your app in all my doctor's appointments. I've also recommended your app to several friends. I also have had the personal experience of having to maintain records while a close family member who was going through chemo treatment and how important it is to have all your information in one place. As I've gotten older, I've also realized how important it is for me to have all my medical information in one place and not rely on my memory. I especially liked how my medical contacts could be pulled right over into the app, saving me time with setup. It's a true account of my experiences and the weeks I spent reviewing other apps until I found yours. Nothing else compared." P. Knapper
  • "An absolutely essential app to record all of your medical information. The data is yours and yours alone. You can record all appointments, make notes, note all immunizations and vaccines, upload lab reports and keep all your information in one place. I know many medical practices now have portals, but different doctors means different portals. This app solves that problem. Once I realized I could no longer remember all of the information my doctors were asking me, I started keeping my own data and I have answers to my doctor's questions during visits and for completing comprehensive forms prior to procedures. We've all had to fill out those forms! I cannot recommend this app enough. Download the app on Google Play or the Apple Store. The data can be shared among loved ones. No more mom or dad having all the kids' information in case of emergency! In this complex medical world, an app like this is essential. I tested many, many apps before choosing the Andaman7 app. (By the way, there's an interesting story behind the name and creation of this app)." T. Kulli
  • "If you need to download a document or take a screenshot to integrate YOUR health data into YOUR Andaman7 health dossier, an additional option would be appropriate: automatically send an informational message to the health organizations of origin, informing them (every time again) about the hardship they are causing you as their patient. This wouldn't have been necessary if they integrated with Andaman7. It's a good practice to let your health provider know that you actively scrutinize and use your health data, thus participating in safeguarding your health." Bart Viaene, doctor, healthcare expert
  • "I discovered the Andaman7 app a few years ago. It has become essential. I take my medical records with me everywhere. I had to be hospitalized urgently, recently, and the nurses used the application to find out about the existing pathologies. They saved time, and it only benefited me. I have also been hospitalized abroad, and once again, thanks to Andaman7, the doctors were able to provide me with ad hoc care more quickly. All Belgian hospitals should work with Andaman7 and offer this service to their patients." V. Lohay
  • "My wife and I appreciate using this application, especially in times of health problems. It is a very useful app to easily track all information about your hospitalization or any interventions regarding your health. Even your close relatives can access your data if you wish to share with them. This feature is really helpful in some bad situations such as accidents. You can import manually or directly synchronize with many Health organizations. A must-have. I highly recommend Andaman7." J-M Bailly
  • "Andaman7 is one of the best-kept secrets on the App Store. Intuitive, comprehensive, simple to use - there is nothing like it. Everything from GP visits/phone calls to imaging, reports, surgical interventions, and chronic disease management. You need to go no further than Andaman7. Your data, your health - all at your fingertips, all the time." D. Wade
  • "The Andaman7 application allows me to keep my medical data perfectly indexed and easily accessible. This allows me to provide medical teams with a detailed medical history, which makes it much easier for medical professionals to issue a correct diagnosis, especially when I'm on vacation abroad." J. Loosveldt

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