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Starting from version 5, Andaman7 has entered the new AI era!

Discover our AI roadmap below.

First 3 AI features

With version 5, we have released our first 3 AI features.

Those are designed to be used on documents, to help patients but also health professionals make the most out of health documents.

Specifically, Andaman7 AI can be used to:

Simplify medical jargon

Andaman7 AI simplifies complex medical terminology, making it easier for patients to understand their reports and results.

Summarize documents

The summarization feature extracts the most important information from the health document, allowing patients and healthcare professionals to quickly grasp the content of lengthy reports.

Translate documents

Andaman7 AI allows users to translate documents into multiple languages, making it easier to access and understand health information of one’s record, regardless of language preferences. Very useful for cross-border care!

All of these features also work on photos and scans of documents! So even if you only have a paper version of your document, take a picture, store it in Andaman7, and our AI will extract the information from the picture!

Check out this demo video to see how it works!

See our demo video

Additional upcoming features

We are now actively working on the next groundbreaking AI features!

PHR summary

To summarize patients’ records and make them actionable during patients visits, Andaman7 is designing an hybrid solution, combining:

  • structured data from the PHR, entered manually in the app or imported from hospitals. The identification of relevant data to include is based on IPS/EUPS (International/European Patient Summary) work.
  • data from documents, which is not easily usable given its unstructured format, will be extracted with the power of AI.

Codification of unstructured data

Nowadays, the vast majority of health information still lies in documents or other unstructured data formats. Andaman7 objective is to extract relevant health information and codify it into largely adopted health standards, such as SNOMED, with the help of AI.

This feature will have a wide range of applications. An important one we see is the facilitation of patient recruitment for clinical trials, by identifying candidates based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Andaman7 already has capabilities for the testing of eligibility criteria locally on the smartphone, without any data sharing, which is very powerful to reach many patients in a privacy preserving fashion. We call this « reverse patient recruitment » - it’s patient recruitment the GDPR way!

Data collection via AI-enabled scraping

Today, most patients in the US can connect to their patient portal and retrieve their health data. In Europe and the rest of the world, this is not a reality. Even though there are initiatives going in that direction, Andaman7 wants to accelerate access to health data, for all patients. We are developing tools to help patients around the world download their health data in their PHR, with scraping of their patient portal, enhanced by AI.                                 

What about privacy?

To enable those AI features, Andaman7 currently uses existing AI systems from various providers. To function properly, AI models need large training datasets and processing power, which is not accessible to everyone. Andaman7 is not reinventing the wheel and uses real existing AI (not alleged). However, we try to add our patient perspective to make it really useful to fellow patients – not just a “nice to have feature because AI is the current buzzword”. Our CEO, Vincent Keunen, actually did AI research when he started his career 40 years ago, so he knows some history on AI. He can testify that it has improved a lot and that, what we see today, is a real innovation (or better: a real discovery).

Our plan for the future is to keep going towards even more privacy, while staying useful to patients. That is why we are investigating solutions to run AI models on our own infrastructure, to keep a greater control of data flows. That includes also evaluating open source solutions.

When SLM (Short Language Models) and/or regular smartphone performance will have sufficiently improved, we would also like to enable local use of AI, directly on the smartphone, to make sure health data strictly stays in the control of the patient.


Give us your feedback and tell us how we can improve! Write to support@andaman7.com. Join us in improving health for everyone. Download Andaman7 and test our AI features.


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