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Who are we ?

About us

Andaman7 was created to significantly improve communication between doctors and patients and empowering them to work efficiently together.

Andaman7 is a Belgian-American eHealth company. Our team of software engineers and medical specialists is focused on improving healthcare for everyone. Our visions is - simply - the 25th article of the universal declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to good health and well-being of himself and of his family". Our main office is located in Liege (Belgium). Our second office, located in Redwood city (Silicon Valley, California), is at the center of digital innovation.

Our history

In 2007, Vincent, our founder and current CEO, was diagnosed with leukemia at age 43. Three months later, Vincent’s 10 year old son, Pierre, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Both are still alive and well today, but 2007 was a tough year for the family. Vincent was very lucky to be treated by a wonderful targeted pill called Gleevec. His cancer became "a simple chronic disease".

Pierre underwent intensive chemotherapy for almost a year, a bone marrow transplant, radiotherapy and his right leg was amputated. A much tougher experience. Why ? Because no "magic pill" exists for Pierre's condition (Ewing sarcoma), despite the advances of our amazing modern medicine. Vincent shares more on his personal blog.

After these experiences, two conclusions were crystal clear to Vincent:

  1. Our health data is scattered (family doctor, several specialists, several hospitals...) and we don't have an easy access to it,
  2. It is critical to improve the speed and reduce the cost of research for new medications - with a pill similar to Gleevec, Pierre would have kept his leg.

These conclusions are the source of the Andaman7 project. Vincent decided to create a PHR (Personal Health Record) to allow all patients to collect their health data on their smartphone (no medical data is stored in the cloud). This PHR is combined with a HIP - a Health Intermediation Platform to facilitate medical research and care. Data is only shared with the patient consent, in full respect of their privacy (GDPR and other regulations).

After all, Andaman7 is a project by patients for patients.

Free for individual users

Vincent is thankful for our great medicine. Doctors saved his and his son's life. So he decided to "pay forward" and included in the Andaman7 a social goal. The app is free and will always be free for all individual users (patients, doctors, nurses, any health professional... anyone). Just download the app from our home page and start using it. As a patient, you can start taking control of your health data - or that of your loved ones (children, seniors, ...).  As a health professional, you can enjoy a free mobile app to manage the health of your patients.

Besides the social goal, we also want to make sure the project is sustainable. Generous investors have put money in the project to help us develop this unique technology (several dozen men years of investment). We would like their investment to be profitable to them. For these reasons, we will request financial contributions from companies and hospitals that want to use our HIP to acces patients - but always with patients' explicit consent.

Open and interoperable

There are many data silos in healthcare. And new connected devices just add to the problem. We strongly believe in interoperability and open acces to their data by patients. So we developed a public API to allow any other tool and IT system (EHRs, EDC, analytics...) to exchange data with Andaman7. See developers.andaman7.com.

Award-wining company

Discover all the awards that Andaman7 has obtained here.


Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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