Privacy policy

All information transmitted to “A7 Software” (the company, below A7S) via the Andaman7 application (below A7) will be handled in respect with active laws and regulations.

As per the Belgian law of December 8 1992 regarding privacy protection and personal data, implementation of European Directive 95/46 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data (specifically article 7 on medical data): medical data will only be exchanged between two users via A7 when explicitly decided by those two users deciding to engage in a medical relationship with each other (doctor - patient) or between two doctors curing the same patient (eg. general practitioner and specialist). Medical data will only be handled by A7S when two users synchronize their data (synchronization is off by default).

Medical data (the content) is encrypted when traveling from device to server as well as server to device. In addition, the A7 application directly connects to the synchronizing servers of A7S via secure mechanisms (https). No medical data is stored on servers by A7S after the receiving device(s) received the data (medical data is transient). Medical data is solely controlled by the user who entered the data and is stored on his/her device(s) only. The user deciding to exchange data must follow all local regulations. Backup is the user’s responsibility.

Before user A can send data to user B, user A must issue a request to user B to obtain permission to send her data. User B must accept the setup of an exchange link before receiving any medical data from A (“therapeutic link” similarity). The same process has to be done once again when user B decides to share data with user A. Therefore, only when the two participants agree in an exchange, can there be an actual exchange of data. This link can be broken at any time by any of the two users.

The following non medical data: “first and last name, gender, age, email, address, type (patient, doctor type…)” is used by A7S in the following cases:

  • To allow users to find each other in the A7 directory prior to creating an exchange authorization with another user (directory of users). By default, the user is visible. The user can decide to hide himself from the directory.
  • When getting statistics from coded and anonymised data like number of users, countries using the application, women/man ratio, age range.

Non medical data as described above is kept on A7S servers, which are based in Europe.

When uninstalling the application and then installing it again, only the non medical data about the user of the application will be brought back in the app using the correct ID and password. As medical data are kept on the devices and not our servers, deleting the application thus also deletes the medical data (unless a backup has been done by the user).

When entering personal data and choosing to share them with a certain community, you are giving your express authorisation to A7S to handle your information in the ways described above.

As a user, you might receive informational emails keeping you informed of the progress of Andaman7. If you do not wish to receive these emails anymore, you can opt-out at any moment by clicking the "Unsubscribe" button at the very bottom of the email received.

A7S may modify these policies at all times and will announce and make it effective with an upgrade.

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