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Home News Webinar: Digital Health and Patient Reported Outcomes [video]

Webinar: Digital Health and Patient Reported Outcomes [video]

02.04.2019 by Valérie Lizen

On February 13, 2019, we organized our first webinar in collaboration with Ingrid Maes (Inovigate), a true expert in the health sector. For this webinar, we decided to address the role of digital health in the healthcare sector in general, and in the pharmaceutical and life science industries in particular.

Thanks to this online seminar format, we were able to organize a real international conference: our three speakers were all located in a different time zone! Ingrid Maes, our expert guest speaker, was present from Belgium, while Vincent Keunen (CEO & Founder of Andaman7) was in Boston at the time of the webinar, and David Levesque (VP Sales North America of Andaman7) joined us from our Californian offices.

Andaman7 is hosting an international webinar on PRO & Digital Health

Digital Health in Outcomes & Early value generation

Personalized healthcare is holding great promise, but health ecosystem stakeholders are finding personalized healthcare challenging to do at scale. Digital technology is to be a major enabler toward achieving the personalized healthcare vision.

Digital health is the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make care and medicines more personalized and precise. Companies have to switch from selling products to selling outcomes and care providers have to switch from delivering interventions to delivering outcomes. The best outcomes can be achieved based on a patient-centric digital health solution, connecting industry, HCPs and patients to deliver personalized and cost-efficient outcomes.

This vision opens up many doors, brings new perspectives, but also raises many questions for the organizations concerned. Questions that our speakers tackled during the February 13 webinar.

  • How do I demonstrate value to payers, providers and patients?
  • How do I leverage technology to power my clinical research and improve PRO?
  • How can I use digital platforms to promote communication with my customers?
  • How can I deploy commercial engagement model innovation to strengthen my competitive position and better meet the changing needs of my customers?
  • How do I navigate a changing landscape, to gain access to both providers and patient volume? 

* Patient Reported Outcomes.

Questions & Answers 

Below, you will find a list of the different topics covered during the Q & A session that closed our first webinar. To discover the answers provided by our three speakers, we invite you to visit our Youtube channel

  1. How to start with digital health, what should companies do first and what next to be prepared? Click here to watch the answer
  2. How data is owned by the user and used responsibly by companies? Click here to watch the answer.
  3. Could you elaborate on how to manage if a patient withdraws consent in the middle of a trial or at the end? How does that impact the study? Click here to watch the answer.
  4. How do regulatory authorities use Digital Health? Click here to watch the answer.
  5. Do you have any tips or insights on how startups can either compete or collaborate with giants of the health industry? Click here to watch the answer.
  6. What is critical in the launch preparation of a new pharma product (e.g. oncology)? What are the important difference that we see between the solution in the US and in Europe? Click here to watch the answer.
  7. Are hospitals opening up to sharing their data about patients they have? Click here to watch the answer.
  8. Digital health solutions are now often implemented in hospitals, is there also a market for independent care providers and, if yes, how would approach this? Click here to watch the answer.
  9. What is really important to take into account if you want to change a standard of care treatment with your application? With the typical struggles of reimbursement, prescription need and changes are decided by each single doctors and not by hospital policies? Click here to watch the answer.
  10. How can you make sure that PRO are reliable while they are not validated by physicians? Click here to watch the answer.
  11. The push towards patient-centric data ownership model, will it happen or not? And what will drive this? Why are we convinced this will become the new norm? Click here to watch the answer.

Andaman7 Youtube | Webinar Q&A Session

Ingrid Maes, digital health expert 

Ingrid Maes from Inovigate, our digital health expert


Ingrid Maes is the co-founder of Inovigate, an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare community, and specialised in helping their clients to innovate and navigate through an increasingly complex health ecosystem. They strive to achieve better outcomes for their clients by utilizing their deep sector knowledge and experience.

Find her presentation for the Webinar "The Role of Digital Health in Outcomes & Early Value Generation" by clicking here.


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