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Andaman7 for clinical studies

10.01.2019 by Lucie Keunen

Lucie Keunen - Product Owner Andaman7


Written by Lucie Keunen

Product Owner Andaman7


Android 2.5 - iOS 2.5


Andaman7 mobile app is not just an Electronic Health Record (EHR, also called PHR, “Personal Health Record”). It is also and above all a powerful tool for collecting and exchanging data (ePRO, electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) which places patients at the center of the process. And that is a major asset for your clinical trials. 

Why is it important?

Without patients, there is no clinical study. Therefore, we should pay special attention to them. Offering them a mobile app which enables them to follow closely what is expected from them, and to collect all of their health data actually benefits all stakeholders of the clinical study. Patients are more actively involved, they get an easy and free access to questionnaires without having to physically move to a clinical trial site. They get a better medical follow-up and enrich their own health records. All these benefits contribute greatly to improving patients’ satisfaction, and thus ultimately the retention. 

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO) or sponsor, electronic data collection also offers plenty of benefits, such as reduced data loss and input errors, traceability, easy management of multilingual questionnaires, support for patient compliance, … Indeed, Andaman7 technology fully meets compliance standards.

How does it work?

Andaman7 combines a eHealth mobile application and a secure data exchange platform (HIP, Health Intermediation Platform). Here is how it works to start a clinical study with Andaman7:

  • Building questionnaires content and setting timing within the app, in partnership with the CRO (Contract Research Organization), and based on the sponsor protocol (pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer). 
  • Once recruited by a physician, the patient can very easily and quickly sign up. 
  • The patient receives an email invitation to join the study, and a user guide to install the application (smartphone or tablet) without difficulty. 
  • The patient signs the e-consent, and then gets access to the study questionnaire(s). 
  • The patient answers the questionnaire(s) from his/her mobile device (Android or iOS smartphone or tablet). Aside from the various type of questions available, data can also come from the patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR) or from connected devices, making the whole process easier, simpler and less time-consuming for the patient.
  • Secure data transfer (potentially anonymized or pseudonymized) to the EDC solution or the CRO. No health data is stored in the Cloud, making it perfectly GDPR and HIPAA complaint. 

Andaman7, ePRO solution ePRO for successful clinical trials Andaman7, ePRO solution ePRO for successful clinical trials Andaman7, ePRO solution ePRO for successful clinical trials

Where can we see it?

When a patient is recruited to a clinical trial, a dedicated section for the study appears in his/her Andaman7 health record. This way, it is very easy for the research participants to find all the useful information for the study.


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