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Many types of questions for our questionnaires!

14.11.2018 by Lucie Keunen

Lucie Keunen - Product Owner Andaman7


Written by Lucie Keunen

Product Owner Andaman7


Android 2.4 - iOS 2.4


Sending of questionnaires in the application, which can include many types of questions.Health questionnaires help improve medical and home care | Andaman7

Why is it important?

At a time when the patient is increasingly considered as the central link in the care chain and a participant in their own health, it becomes natural and even essential for them to have their own say. How are they doing once they have returned home from the hospital? How are they feeling on their new treatment? Do they present symptoms that require a follow-up visit? Questionnaires are an invaluable tool when it comes to collecting this data from the patient. Upstream care is also enabled via pre-hospitalization questionnaires. Providing many types of questions, and integration with the patient’s health record, creates a great deal of flexibility for personalized patient-care interactions. Questionnaires are also a key component, when it comes to giving patients the opportunity to participate in research.

How does it work?

Do you have a project where you would like your patients to answer questionnaires? We’ve made it very easy! Simply, compose your survey with the following types of questions:

  • Free text
  • Date picker
  • Time selector
  • Multiple-choice, with single selection
  • Multiple-choice, with multiple possible answers
  • Pointer (range)
  • Photos
  • File upload
  • Numeric characters
  • Auto-completion for data already encoded in the health record (with the patient's consent). Download Andaman7 on your mobile to get an idea of ​​the parameters you can follow.

Once your questionnaire is created, contact us at We will be able to digitize it, give you access to a web page where you can invite your patients to answer the questions digitally, and to define together where you’ll want completed questionnaires to be sent. The answers are then delivered with or without the anonymisation of data.

Health questionnaires help improve medical and home care | Andaman7Health questionnaires help improve medical and home care | Andaman7

Where can we see it?

Questionnaires are visible to patients in their Andaman7 app once you (their doctor) register them. When they accept the invitation to participate, a section with the questionnaire(s) is automatically added to their health record.

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