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Home News The J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference, a springboard for Andaman7

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference, a springboard for Andaman7

08.04.2019 by Valérie Lizen

Andaman7 at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2019 in San Francisco.

Since its creation in 1983, the JP Morgan Healthcare conference has become an established major international event in the healthcare sector. Each year in January, it gathers handpicked specialized investors and innovative companies in San Francisco. The perfect opportunity for Andaman7 to develop special relationships and strengthen its credibility.

Promising contacts

His invaluable invitation in hand, Vincent Keunen, founder and CEO of Andaman7, set off for California to present the Belgian start-up, increase its visibility and find potential partners to boost its development. Upon his return, he expressed his satisfaction at the promising contacts made there, notably with Microsoft, Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) actively researching the life sciences, 23andMe, a leader in DNA testing for private individuals, and so on. 

Issues dear to Andaman7

Andaman7 fully deserved to be on the guest list for this major event. Indeed, the issues dealt with make up its core business since it provides a unique platform that facilitates interaction between the three groups of stakeholders involved in health; the patients, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. Staying abreast of one of the latest trends, by offering a comprehensive solution in the form of an ecosystem, Andaman7 places the patient at the heart of the health system. 

Patient empowerment, another topic addressed in San Francisco, is the keystone to this ecosystem: to increase patients’ capacity to act allowing them to participate in the decisions that concern them, to build a new relationship with society and better control their future. This progress comes in response to the right of everyone to be an active player in their own health and paves the way for treatments that are more fashioned around individual needs.

The ePRO function of the Andaman7 platform also enables researchers to include patients who so wish in clinical studies and research projects by collecting data from the real world (Real World Evidence, or RWE), the results reported by patients (Patient-Reported Outcomes, or PRO), and data from connected and other devices. So many channels presented by the speakers concerned. Consented access to patient data enables the development of new treatment and commercial strategies.

A revolution is taking place in the healthcare sector and Andaman7 is called to play its role in it. Its platform interconnects the goals, expectations and interests of the three groups of stakeholders involved in health to the benefit of them all.

Andaman7 taking part in JP Morgan 2019 in SF

David Levesque, A7 VP Sales North America (on the left) et Vincent Keunen (on the right) at J.P. Morgan 2019.

Vincent Keunen for CABS Entrepreneurship Club Innovation Roadshow (Co-organizer: eChinaChem, eChinaHealth, SVIEF, CTIC)

Vincent Keunen's pitch for the CABS Entrepreneurship Club Innovation Roadshow. 


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