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Video of our pitch at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara

07.11.2016 by Jeremy Bachelet

This fall, Andaman7 is back to the United States!

Maintaining a close contact with the American market is important for us. Major player of the e-health sphere are active there, and we intend to play in the same league.

Our founder and CEO, Vincent Keunen, was there for a few weeks:

  • He took part in Health 2.0 in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley),
  • He was present on the field on the west coast for 15 days (California), and on the east coast for 15 days (Boston) to keep studying the market, developing partnerships and prepare the setup of our American branch.

Among oher things, we got the opportunity to pitch Andaman7 at the Health 2.0 in Santa Clara. The crowd was really receptive and confirmed that we are heading the right way!

You can have a look at the presentation hereunder.

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