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17.05.2017 by Jeremy Bachelet

Vincent Keunen, CEO and founder of Andaman7, pitch at Health 2.0 in Barcelona 2017

A few weeks ago, we learned that we were selected to pitch at the Health 2.0 in Barcelona (Spain). This event is one of the biggest Health/IT conference in Europe and this years it focused on two big thematics: Patient 2.0 and Doctor 2.0. Vincent Keunen (CEO) and Philippe Lemmens (COO) took a trip to Spain to present our project and its perspectives in front of the most important e-health players from around the world.

Vincent Keunen, CEO and founder of Andaman7 pitch at Health 2.0 in Barcelona 2017

A 4-minutes pitch on the main stage at "Doctor 2.0" special session", meetups with e-health players (mostly europeans, but also a few US based), a few tapas and lots of discoveries... this trip was filled with useful experiences.

We were luck to have a good social media coverage during our several pitches and interventions; confirming that our solution keeps interesting people around the world !


Pur key takeways from this trip:

  • Patients' role is becoming more and more a focus
  • Health 2.0  is a conference of a relatively modest size with high quality content
  • We were able to meet several potential partners
  • We also discussed with a few potential investors.
  • Health2.0 is now part of HIMSS (we participated to the first HIMSS conference in Belgium a few weeks ago)
  • The e-health sector is expanding very fast. Lots of new players on the market.
  • The role of the doctor is evolving a lot thanks to new technologies.
  • Patients are concerned about their options in healthcare, lots of them were attending the conference (Patients associations)


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