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V 2.0 Sneak preview

17.05.2017 by Jeremy Bachelet

1 year ago,  we were hosting our very first press conference, introducing Andaman7 to the public. The last year has been a busy one. We learned a lot, we faced many challenges but we can proudly say we managed making our e-health project evolve in the right direction.

To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to invite partners and users to our main office and thank them for their precious support. It as the perfect opportunity for them to meet the team and to give them a sneak preview of the upcomming version 2 of Andaman7.

The event went very well (according to us at least): good vibes, nice people, and a very positive feedback on the improvements of our V2 showcased during a quick live demo. Several journalists even made the trip to join us and cover the event.

The live demo from V2 (presented by our CTO, Antoine Smolders) is available here.

Pictures from the event are available here

Screenshots from V2 are available here


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