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Version 2.0: Everything you need to know!

28.06.2017 by Jeremy Bachelet

Download or update the app by clicking on one of the following links:

Andaman7 is a free app that enables user to gather and share their health records. Our ambition is to create a user centric App that is easy to use. Today, we launched the biggest product update since the creation of the App.

Andaman7 Version 2.0 is the result of months of extensive user conversations and feedback since our initial launched in November 2015. 

We have talked to more than 1000 active users to understand their user experience from the signup process to the usage of the App. These interactions were in various forms : face to face user interviews in hospital lobbies, online surveys, direct messaging on our private Facebook user group and our customer support activities. 

We meticulously kept track of all feedback and made them actionable through a close collaboration between our users, marketing, customer support and development team.

This gave birth to Version 2.0 ! This release is an ode to our users

If we summarize Version 2.0 is one word (2 actually), it is “User Experience”. Our product is a very complete one; it gives users an extremely wide range of options and capabilities to manage their health records. The downside of building such comprehensive and powerful system is that it can get complex pretty fast. Our challenge is to build a simple App for a complex need.

The App went through some heavy changes (some are obvious, others are hidden in the code) to drastically improve the user experience. We are very happy with the evolution of the App and hope that our users and partners share this enthusiasm, continue to collaborate with us to improve the product.

The key enhancement of Version 2.0 are:


We are proud of this release...but we’re already working on the next improvements

As always, we are very interested in any constructive feedback from our users and business partners. Reach out to us on the different channels:


Some facts about Andaman7’s users:


  • Over 15 000 downloads
  • Over 12 000 registered users
  • 90% patients and 10% health professionals
  • 64% male and 36% female
  • Age range: 62% of the users are 45 years old or older
  • 70% Smartphone and 30% Tablets
  • 54% Android and 46% IOS
  • Geographical split: Belgium (90%), USA (4%), rest of the world (6%)
  • Most used sections of the app: "Documents", "Consultations", "Drugs", "Medical History", "Allergies"
Download or update the app by clicking on one of the following links:

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Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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