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Simplified data entry

30.08.2018 by Lucie Keunen

Lucie Keunen - Product Owner Andaman7


Written by Lucie Keunen

Product Owner Andaman7


Android 2.4 - iOS 2.4


The way of adding new data has been reworked to make it more intuitive.

Why is it important?

Adding new data in your health file is the basic action to enrich it and make the use of Andaman7 interesting. We have heard your feedback and found it important to make this action more visible and intuitive. From now on, you will not have the impression of having to erase the previous value to add a new one, and neither will you have to go to the “details” tab to find where to add new measurements .

How does it work?

Let’s take for example the section “Measurements and vital signs”. Click on the cell “Weight”. If no value has been encoded yet, the screen for adding a new value will open directly. Complete the information and click on the “V” at the top of the screen to validate your entry. If one or many values have already been encoded, the data viewing screen will show up. You will find right below the graphic an “Add Weight” button. You simply have to click on it to add a new entry. NB: To access the list with all the values, click on the button “history”, also available below the graphic.

Where can we see it?

This simplification will mostly be noticeable in the following sections of your health file:

  • Measurements et vital signs
  • Blood, urine analysis, and other tests
  • Food
  • Physical activity and sleep
  • Reproductive health

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