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Home News Andaman7 opening up the US market

Andaman7 opening up the US market

18.09.2018 by Valérie Lizen

This past june, Andaman7 had the opportunity to take part in the BIO International Conference taking place in Boston. For the Liege-based start-up from Belgium, it wasn’t only a chance to meet potential American partners, but also an opportunity to assert its privileged position in the market.

For those who matter in the health sector, there is one event that is impossible to miss in the summer: The BIO congress, which brings together the cream of the crop from the USA, as well as the rest of the world. And this year, an AWEX delegation was among them, with Andaman7 in pride of place. The occasion for the startup, which is based in Liège, Belgium and Redwood city, California, to realise just what the US market can offer in terms of expansion – and what Andaman7 can offer to American partners in return. “We’re not the only ones to offer this type of solution, explains Philippe Lemmens, COO of Andaman7, but our unique patient-centric approach distinguishes us from our competitors ».

An approach which has seduced many power players attending BIO, and allowed Andaman7 to have meetings with the Boston Children Hospital, the National Jewish Institute, Sandoz, Genentech and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute among others. Future partners ? The Liège-based startup certainly hopes so, but isn’t about to skip any steps. « For the moment, we have some very promising leads that we’d like to follow, which are well in line with our strategy to expand to the US market” assures Philippe Lemmens.

« Everyone is always going on and on about how important it is to innovate, but when you’re actually doing it, you find that some people you encounter are very cautious and not always willing to invest in new ideas. In that regard, the US market is very open to innovation, it really is part of the culture there ». Which explains why Andaman7 will most definitely attend next year’s edition of BIO.

Andaman7 at BIO international conference in Boston


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