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Opening up to real world evidence : a necessity !

23.08.2018 by Gaël Matendo

Does the future of medical innovation rely on the use of Real World Evidence? The opportunities offered by connected devices, mobile applications, and Big Data are increasingly more used in the strategies of the health and pharmaceutical sector. However, the lack of access to the best evidence could impede the expected progress. One solution is to leveraged to specialized solutions, such as Andaman7!

Should companies active in medical research also rely on such evidence to develop new molecules and products, tackle the growing costs of R&D, and the increasingly more demanding reimbursement procedures? The answer is yes, in the opinion particularly of the firm Deloitte which has produced a White Paper on the matter as well as a study on the use of RWE in fifteen pharmaceutical companies.

“Real World Evidence (RWE) enables companies to respond to these trends. It provides opportunities to discover new molecules, to prioritize asset development and support molecule progression decision making, and to deliver more efficient and insightful trials and boost ROI and R&D investment. RWE also helps to build new commercial models and deliver unique, mutually beneficial partnerships between life science companies and health systems,” Deloitte says.

Life science companies must be able to seize such opportunities correctly. As the consulting firm underscores, whereas 54% of the companies questioned said that they invest in RWE programs to boost their capacity on the matter considerably, the lack of access to the best evidence could impede the expected progress. Hence the necessity for them, according to Deloitte, to use new channels to obtain such data, including the contribution of new external partners.

Andaman7: a solid source of RWE

Our start-up is prepared to play this role and to make a contribution to the development of RWE in the life sciences sector. Our mobile application not only enables the twenty thousand patients who use it to follow their medical file and share it with people they know and trust and health professionals: Andaman7 is also and above all a platform for the exchange of information by and between all health stakeholders (hospitals, research centres, doctors, nurses). The objective of Andaman7 is to include in this platform services that require interaction between these stakeholders so as to coordinate care and prevent possible risks for the patient’s health. Some of these services are in fact already available, such as the possibility for patients to contribute to medical research by participating in clinical studies organized by hospitals or research centres (eg. EORTC on cancer). “Forms are sent to patients who have accepted to take part in the study. The data collected is anonymized on our platform first, and then it is sent for clinical analysis,” underscores Vincent Keunen, the CEO of Andaman7.

“This formula offers many advantages. With this paper-free system, data is analysed much faster and patients are no longer required to show up. Everything is done from a smartphone!”. The advantages of a solution like Andaman7 do not stop there: the integration of a personal health file is of great interest to the patient who will remain loyal to the application for a long time, thereby fostering longitudinal studies. Feedback to patients moreover helps involve them more and reduces drop-out rates. Andaman7 is also an integrated solution for many pathologies, which is an undeniable advantage by comparison with multiple “single disease” solutions, as many patients are faced with several concomitant chronic disorders, in fact. And that is only the beginning.
The Real World Evidence Revolution is bound to surprise us! You can count on us to keep you posted on this blog.

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