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Apple Health Record and Andaman7 : What's the difference ?

02.08.2018 by Gaël Matendo

We are very grateful to Apple to show the way and use their marketing power to educate the market to what is the right thing to do.  Andaman7 want to contribute, in our modest way. We are a “patients for patients project”. We are not in a competition, we are about helping all patients live a better life.

Apple Health Record and Andaman : Comparaison

  1. Andaman7 supports FHIR but also various other interconnection methods (see our open API at http://developers.andaman7.com and our Connector tool CA7: http://bit.ly/ca7readMe)

  2. Thanks to their openness, Apple allows third party developers to access the health records of the patients, if the patients allow it - so we also have access to all the data that Apple has access to (thank you Apple!).  But with our integration with several interoperability partners, we also have access to many more US hospitals. And we are negotiating with European partners to access health records of European patients. Being a great but small startup, we have excellent technology, but we don’t have the means to do massive patient recruitment.  We need partners for that. Hint hint. Contact us at founders@andaman7.com

  3. We support all health data fields supported by Apple, then many more.  Actually, our “Liquid data system” combined with our “Dynamically generated user interface” allow us to support any type of data and, if needed, we can add any new data field without changing the app - it’s a simple question of adding the field to a descriptive metadata file that is synchronized to patients’ mobile devices at each launch of the app.  See the document “Andaman7 Technical Innovations” at http://bit.ly/a7TechInno.

  4. With Apple Health Records, patients can’t really share their data further.  With Andaman7, patients can share their data with whoever they want. They can simply add a person to their Circle of Trust and share all or part of their health data with that person, a family member, a doctor, or anybody they trust.

  5. PHR = Personal Health Record

  6. With Apple Health Records, only the owner of the smartphone can manage their own health data.  With Andaman7, the user can also manage the health data of other persons. This is useful, as a patient, to manage your children or senior parents data.  As a health professional (doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist, pharmacist, osteopath, homeopath, midwife…), this is useful to manage the health data of your patients.

  7. Both our API http://developers.andaman7.com and our Connector tool CA7 http://bit.ly/ca7readMe were built to allow data to also flow from patients to hospitals and other health professionals.

  8. Andaman7 can be used (yes, it’s also free) by any health professional (doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist, pharmacist, osteopath, homeopath, midwife…) to manage the health data of their patients.

  9. Andaman7 includes a very advanced HIP™ or Health Intermediation Platform.  This platform allows peer-to-peer highly secure health data exchange. No medical data is stored in the cloud (it goes through the cloud only in a transient manner).  All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Andaman7, the company, does not have access to data of users. We act as a postman delivering sealed envelopes: we allow the exchange of confidential information without having access to that data.  Putting the patient in control and asking her consent for any action puts us completely in line with GDPR and HIPAA.

  10. Our “Services layer” is a way for partners to offer additional services to patients: clinical trials, medical research, prevention services, care services… you name it.  Through Andaman7, partners gain an easy access to patients (Andaman7 is thus here a “broker to patients platform”) to send or collect data easily and securely: no data in the cloud, peer-to-peer mechanism - our partner being a peer here-, GDPR and HIPAA compliance, patient consent, integration with the patient’s PHR….

  11. See Vincent (our founder) and his son’s challenging story: http://bit.ly/a7vkblogen

Andaman7 is free for individual users, because our project has a social goal.  See http://bit.ly/a7vkblogen.  Andaman7 is also free to hospitals and other data providers to send data to patients.  We believe patients should have full access to their data. We make money on clinical trials, RWE/PRO projects, home monitoring, and any project that requires collecting data, input, feedback from patients (and always with the patient consent).

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