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Patient Empowerment

03.08.2017 by Jeremy Bachelet

Patient Power: Knowledge. Confidence. Hope.

Patient Power® is devoted to helping patients, survivors and their circle of support through knowledge to get the best treatment available and return to or maintain good health.  

Patient Power provides a wide range of timely and in-depth online information about a wide range of cancers as well as some selected other health conditions through expert interviews, patient stories, medical conference coverage, live and online events, as well as social media communication and eNewsletters.  

Patient Power reaches more than 100,000 cancer patients/survivors/supporters each month through their various channels, and partners with many non-profits, advocacy groups, technology innovators, and pharmaceutical companies to bring the latest information and resources to a growing global audience.

We met them at the Health2.0 conference 2017 in Barcelona and have been working together ever since, creating synergies between the services we each offer.

Don't hesitate to join their community so that you can benefit from amazing tips and access detailed information:

  • Receive the latest treatment and research news and achieve a better understanding of your or a loved one's health concern, all from leading experts in the field.
  • Gain access to Patient Power’s coverage of national and international medical conferences so that you can stay informed as research develops.
  • Obtain invitations to Patient Power’s Town Meetings, in-person and online events where you will learn from doctors and healthcare professionals, while connecting with other patients.
  • Get tips and advice for living well in your everyday life from other patients and care partners.

Learn more about Patient Power and their amazing team on their website:

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