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Home News We will be with Maggie De Block at the Digital Health “snackeon”in San Fransisco

We will be with Maggie De Block at the Digital Health “snackeon”in San Fransisco

07.06.2016 by Jeremy Bachelet

San-Francisco is a must-go for all startups that have an opportunity to do it. Be it to develop your business or just to get a glimpse of the intense economical eco-system of the Silicon Valley!

Andaman7 has kept in touch with the Silicon Valley and will be present tomorrow (4:30 PM GMT-8 on June 8th ,1:00 AM GMT+1 on June 9th) at Digital Health Luncheon. Over 50 guests from 35 enterprises & organisations have confirmed their presence to the event and we even got a slot to pitch Andaman7 to the crowd!

Julie Norris, our San-Fransisco based marketing expert, will be representing our team and explaining how we are changing the health sector step by step. She is the CEO of No Identical and a former leader at Kaiser Permanente, PwC and Siegel + Gale. She has been working with us as business developer for the United Stated. She also writes for our blog on Medium that you can discover here.

This is a great opportunity for us to raise even more awareness as Maggie De Block (Minister of Social Affairs and Health) and her Belgian delegation will be present at the event! They will attend the pitching session as part of their mission to promote various innovations born among Belgian biotechnology companies (more info)

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