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Home News Andaman7 parterns up with "Youth Cancer Europe"

Andaman7 parterns up with "Youth Cancer Europe"

06.06.2016 by Jeremy Bachelet

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

At Andaman7, we strongly believe that we are stronger together. We met the president of the "Youth Cancer Europe" association during an EORTC meeting.

Vincent Keunen (CEO, Andaman7) and Šarūnas Narbutas (President, Youth Cancer Europe) hit it off immediately and quickly realized they shared the same vision: making health information more efficient and more accessible to everybody around the world.

As of now, Andaman7 is collaborating with the Youth Cancer Europe patient association to help their members better manage their health. Thanks to Andaman7 patient empowerment tool, patients of the association will be able to easily store and manage all their health information!

We are really proud to count Šarūnas as one of our official advisors and look forward to keeping building this new partnership! Not only is he the president of this wonderful association, but he also has other great projects going on. Learn more about Šarūnas and his projects:

Šarūnas Narbutas

Youth Cancer Europe

Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA)

CML Advocates Network

European Patients‘ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation" (EUPATI)

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