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A first project with EORTC

05.05.2015 by Maite Grisard

After doing a POC (Proof of Concept) for the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) integrating one of their clinical trial forms into Andaman7, we are now moving forward. We are working on a first partnership that will be a test of Andaman7 potential in clinical trials and research projects.

Instead of using paper and having a doctor summarize his patient's condition on a web platform after the facts, the patients will be able to answer specific questions directly on Andaman7. This will be synchronized with the doctor's version of Andaman7 and a lot of time and effort will be saved. The doctor remains the professional intermediary between the clinical trial and the test subjects. The EORTC has no access to the identity of the patients.

To make sure the system can be trusted, the data are following a strict pattern:

  • A special section for EORTC is filled by the patients on Andaman7
  • This section is shared with the investigator, a recognized doctor in charge of the research
  • All data are anonymized by the investigator and then sent to EORTC's own data collection software

As for the formal procedures, we will be guided by EORTC to make sure we comply with all required software validation.

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