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Team Building #1

23.04.2015 by Maite Grisard

Our first team building is done! We planned the afternoon and this is how it went down:

  1. Picnic lunch and walk in the woods.


    We started 40 minutes late of course as I got lost picking up the sandwiches... but after finding a picnic table and eating in the sun we started walking and let nature energise us. The only thing mandatory for the walk: a geeky t-shirt.

  2. Let's talk "future" at Leansquare

    Once we had had fresh air we went to our accelerator in Liège where a nice meeting room was waiting for us. We traded our geeky t-shirt for our A7 polos and directly felt the team spirit growing upon us

  3. A7 power at the Plug-R afterwork

    At 6h30 we left the meeting room for the afterwork drink organized by Plug-R at Leansquare

    With the 6 of us wearing our A7 polo, we couldn't be missed in the crowd!

  4. We finished our eventful day at the restaurant, wondering what we would do next time :)

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