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Investors meeting

26.11.2015 by Maite Grisard

Yesterday the whole Andaman7 team met the investors who gave us the 1.3 million euros funding we told you about earlier this month.

And after the session we had, we can say unanimously that we are really thankful for those amazing people who joined our dream and gave us their trust and wisdom to achieve it.
We really are a lucky bunch!

What you should know

After a nice lunch we presented the company and a rich brainstorming followed, confirming the project vision and challenging the future. We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome to this afternoon. Two things were particularly important for us to confirm with the whole room:

  • Indirect Business Model: we all agree that this funding is allowing us to focus on deploying the application as a first priority. This coming year we will make core application better, more user-friendly and easier for healthcare partners to integrate with.
  • French and English: Our team being bilingual we will go in countries that speak our languages first. Of course the app remains available globally to all but, as the two languages we speak already include a nice perimeter, we are keeping our direct attention to Wallonia (Belgium), France (North) and North America (US and CA).

Although this language choice means that support and feedbacks can only be dealt with in English or French, it does not mean other languages won't be available within the app itself. As you might remember, our great ambassador Bart already translated Andaman7 in Dutch, allowing anyone to use the app in Dutch as well. This 1500 strings to translate job can still be done by anyone who wishes to help get Andaman in his/her own language. You can learn more about becoming an ambassador here.

The coming months (and years) will be filled with exciting adventures and wonderful stories... We can't wait to tell you all about it so stay tuned, we'll keep them coming!

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