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Andaman7 secures patronage

21.06.2018 by Gaël Matendo

Fournier-Majoie Foundation: Bernard Majoie patronage for Andaman7


Removed from the pharmaceutical industry, but involved in the world of biotech start-ups, Bernard Majoie is still on the hunt for researchers-finders likely to provide patients and the medical profession with solutions for progress. It was this motivation that led him to invest €150,000, privately, in Andaman7.

“I had the opportunity to meet Vincent Keunen, the founder of Andaman7, at a meeting of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). I was seduced by his initiative and I decided to personally contribute to his call for funds, because I believe very much in the principle which underlies its creation,” explains Bernard Majoie. “This is a concrete solution that responds to the patient's need to no longer feel isolated and helpless in the face of disease, especially in the case of a high-risk condition. The fact, for example, of promoting multidisciplinarity in the approach to treatment is one of the major benefits of the automatic procedure proposed by Andaman7,” he adds.


More autonomous patients, better-informed doctors

For Bernard Majoie, the many features offered by Andaman7 are assets. “Andaman7 opens up opportunities for the patient to take charge and for that, I can only approve. It gives them the opportunity to be better informed about their state of health and makes them the priority holder of medical data concerning them. The fact that this data can be shared with professionals of one's choice is also an advantage for the doctor. This allows him to have a better knowledge of his patient’s medical records and this at the same time avoids redundant and time-consuming examinations. I think everyone wins, doctor, patient and social security.” He concludes.

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