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Andaman7 in a community habitat

21.06.2018 by Gaël Matendo

The general public knows Andaman7 as a health application that allows everyone to follow their medical records. Some 20,000 people use it regularly. But above all, Andaman7 is a platform for the exchange of information between all health actors (hospitals, research centers, doctors, nurses). The goal of Andaman7 is to integrate services into this platform that enables constant interaction between these actors in order to coordinate care and prevent potential risks to the patient's health.

A pilot project underway at Triamant Aunove

Regular data collection is an invaluable aid for members of the medical profession who have to make a diagnosis. The examples are numerous. Recently, a doctor found a dangerously high daily heart rate spike in an elderly person complaining of palpitations. Soon he realized that this person was drinking too much coffee every day. “Triamant is a revolutionary community home and home care concept that affects people of all generations. We offer people who want to take control of their life course a pleasant and secure way to do so. Everyone is autonomous and the master of their quality of life. The pilot project developed by Andaman7 increases the autonomy of these people while ensuring their safety, "says Jo Robrechts, founder of Triamant. Thanks to a sensor system developed by Byteflies, a pilot project was launched to collect a large amount of data from each resident who requested it (heart rate, physical activity, breathing, etc.). The main data is extracted and sent via the technology developed by Andaman7 to the resident and the nursing staff. This monitoring system is a tool to help in diagnosis, it does not replace contact with the resident.

Potential of the sensors

For Philippe Lemmens, COO of Andaman7, “Andaman7 is a wonderful platform for exchange between all actors of the health sector. Through partnerships, with Awell and today with Byteflies, we are integrating new services that will improve the quality of care and patient follow-up without putting an extra burden on the medical community. " "Portable sensors have enormous potential for improving the quality of care. The small sensor developed by Byteflies, which the residents used during the first tests, is very comfortable and makes it possible to measure important medical information. This innovative vision of Triamant, Andaman7 and Byteflies technologies allows for personalized monitoring of residents. It keeps them healthy for as long as possible,“ says Hans Danneels, co-founder, and CEO of Byteflies.

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