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Whatever their specific field of activity, health professionals are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of their profession. New technologies have invaded the medical sector for several years and are gradually interfering in the daily life of doctors, nurses, home nurses and other health specialists.

On the other hand, patients are much more informed and wish to participate actively in the health care processes, to be informed in real time and to have the information needed to understand their treatment.

This makes the management of services provided by practitioners increasingly complicated: with less and less time available to provide an increasingly qualitative and personalized service.

Andaman7's mission is to respond, in part, to this problem. On the Andaman7 platform, interactions between healthcare specialists and their patients becomes faster, simpler and more efficient. By installing the Andaman7 mobile application and inviting their patients to do the same, healthcare professionals can interact with their patients about their medical records and exchange information easily.

This exchange of information is done in complete security in both directions (Health professionals ⇒ Patients & Patients ⇒ Health professionals).

The benefits Andaman7 brings to specialists in the medical world are numerous:

  • Follow-up with patients reaction to new treatment
  • Providing on-line patient information for consultation
  • Manage an unlimited number of mobile medical records
  • Easy consultation, with up-to-date medical records ...

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