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Pitch in Lille, France

09.12.2015 by Maite Grisard

Thanks to a Twitter contest, we earned the chance to pitch Andaman at 36 Heures Chrono Grand Nord, an event dedicated to moving health forward!

This is a beautiful initiative from Faire Avancer la Santé Numérique (or #FASN for the tweethusiastics). They promote the use of technologies into the health sector.

During our pitch, we'll get 4min to convince 250 people to download A7 on their iPhone (if they have one) and promise them an Android version to arrive soon! It will also be a wonderfull opportunity for us to meet new people, learn new things and talk about health.

Andaman7 Pitch at Lille 2015 - Faire Avancer la Santé Numérique

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