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Version 4 of Andaman7 now available

24.05.2023 by Lio Naveau

Version 4 of Andaman7 now available

We are happy to announce the release of version 4 of Andaman7

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  • Add your own lab test to the list
    We have greatly extended the list of lab tests available based on users’ requests and most common lab tests usually performed. You still have lab tests that don’t appear in the list? Don’t worry! This much requested feature is now available in v4: Andaman7 allows you to add your own lab tests, giving you an even better control over keeping track of your health data.

  • Filter and sort data in the timeline view
    This makes it easier for you to find and visualize the health information you need without having to scroll through endless pages of data or look in each separate section of your record.

  • Prescriptions
    In the "Medications" section, you can now also add and/or see prescriptions, i.e. medication prescribed by a healthcare professional. Sometimes, the actual medications that you end up taking slightly differ from what was prescribed, so it can be interesting to see both. Prescriptions are also often present in data from your hospital (which you can import via the services tab in the app); now you’ll be able to see them!

  • Medication diary can be shared
    In the diary tab of your “Medications” section, you can see the medications you need to take, day by day (after you added “Dosing” information on your medications). You can record your medication intakes for scheduled and on demand drugs. In version 4, this medication diary can be shared with your Circle of Trust. You can then help or get help from your loved ones and healthcare professionals to keep up with your treatment.

  • New service to store links to online documents and accounts
    If you regularly connect to an online patient portal or if you have been given a link to an online document (for example a medical imaging test result), you can now store all of these links in Andaman7 for easy access.

  • Data received from health entities: support of additional standard codes and better sorting in the right A7 sections
    Did you know that a lot of your digital health data is codified in order to allow for computer systems to “understand” each other? Several sets of “standard codes” exist, and we extended the list of standard codes we support, in order for you to be able to see the data you receive from your hospital in a “human readable” display.

In addition to these new features, we have also made a range of improvements to the user interface: 

  • Refreshed look across the application
    We've added colors and modernized the look of the app. We've kept the same content for the screens so you don’t get lost in this new version ;)

  • New app onboarding for new users
    Simplification of the app onboarding for new users, including for users downloading the app or one of its white label versions for specific services (such as for research purposes). If you want to know more about additional services that can be set in Andaman7, or white-label versions of our app, visit https://www.andaman7.com/en/additional-services or contact us at b2b@andaman7.com.

  • Clearer display of data history and sharing to the CoT (Circle Of Trust)
    Sharing of data is very flexible with Andaman7, as we want to allow you to decide exactly what data you share for each record (full record or only parts of it), and with whom. You can also decide whether you want the sharing to be unidirectional (for example, only sending data to others) or bidirectional (also receiving updates from others). Given this flexibility, it can sometimes be a bit complex to figure out the sharing configuration set up. We've improved the display of sharing rules in the CoT to make it clearer and thus easier to understand.

These changes have been made with the goal of providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, while also ensuring that our product remains powerful and effective. We hope it will make your experience more efficient and enjoyable. 

The latest updates to Andaman7 promise to improve the user experience. With newly supported data (extended list of lab tests, prescriptions,...), data sharing and better data display,… Andaman7 is an even more powerful tool for anyone wishing to take control of their health data.


Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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Download app on iOS and Android download Apple IOS download Android