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New Update for all platforms

02.09.2016 by Jeremy Bachelet


Design vector partly designed by Dooder -

Andaman7's  new version is available on iOS (1.8) and Android (1.1) !

Discover all our new features, amongst which:

OS notifications

Never miss out on what's happening in your health record anymore. Be sure to activate all notifications to get the best our of this feature. The first available notifications are:

  • Received invitation to join someone's  "Circle of Trust"
  • A new document was added to one of your health record
  • A login into your Andaman7 account was detected on another device

Simplified display for patients

A health app as ours can be useful in many ways...but can also get quite complex looking. We decided to help out users on the patient side by hiding dy default some sections that concern very technical and specific medical information. Resulting in a cleaner overall look of the health records.  

Improved languages download

As we are now handeling nearly 20 languages, some users experienced quite long synchronizations of their Andaman7. We worked out a way to optimize it to improve our users' experience, so from now on everything is smooth and transparent!

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Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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