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Calendar of events for the month of June 2019

07.06.2019 by Valérie Lizen

Calendar of events for the month of June 2019


Vincent Keunen (CEO & Founder) and David Levesque (VP Sales North America) from Andaman7 will be attending the BIO International Convention 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. This international congress is simply a must for life sciences companies, and for the healthcare sector as a whole. Take this opportunity to meet Vincent and David! 

More on BIO International Convention 2019.  


  • JUNE 14, 2019   |     CIB SYMPOSIUM

Andaman7 will join the 5th CIB Symposium "The Future of Health Care" in Genval, Belgium. Vincent Keunen will talk about the future of healthcare for patients, with focus on patient centricity and patient empowerment.

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Vincent Keunen will be featured as a guest speaker in Synergus RWE's upcoming webinar. His talk will be build around this concept: "App based Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) - Empowering patients, contributing to medical research and improving care. Can we do all three at the same time?". This webinar is postponed to Sep 10, 2019.

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  • JUNE 24-26, 2019   |     TECH TOUR LAUSANNE 2019

Andaman7 is taking part in the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit 2019 taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland. As Andaman7 has been recognized to be "amongst the most promising Healthtech companies in Europe", Vincent Keunen has been selected to present at this 10th anniversary edition focused on Medtech & Diagnostics and Digital Health. The selection process involved almost 600 individual company assessments of more than 170+ applications, made by the 42 members of the Selection Committee within the past few months, who selected the 40 presenters. 

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  • JUNE 26, 2019   |     IN4CARE PILOTS TABLE

Geert Dewulf, VP Sales Europe at Andaman7, will take part in the 8th edition of the In4care PilotsTable, a unique matchmaking event taking place in Vilvoorde, Belgium. During these events, 5 startups get in contact with 25 people (mainly hospital managers or health care providers) and can present their innovation in a pitch and further discuss it in individual sessions. In4Care is a Flemish organisation helping their members to innovate; members are mainly hospitals, retirement homes and other care centers.

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  • JUNE 27, 2019   |     PANEL DISCUSSION JLABS @ BE

Andaman7 will be present at the "Health Tech Platforms: Bringing Innovation to Market" event hosted by JLABS Belgium (Innovation for Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical group) in Beerse (Antwerp), Belgium. Vincent Keunen will be part of the guest speakers during the panel discussion. 

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Calendar of events for the month of June 2019


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