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Beta for iPad available

20.02.2015 by Maite Grisard

Andaman7 beta is now available on iPad via Apple's TestFlight app!

Here is what it means to be a beta tester:

  • We are expecting feedback from you :
  • You still could lose some data. Don't spend too much time encoding your data just yet. Do a few tests with some information first so we can make sure everything goes smoothly. Our goal is to ensure no loss as soon as we are live in the app store.
  • Please make sure your beta app is updated before using it. As we are working on the app with the feedbacks we get, we frequently need to do an update. Each time you will receive an email from TestFlight but when in doubt, you can always open TestFlight to check the status of your version.


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Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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