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Andaman7 among the winners of the Janssen Datathon

31.05.2019 by Valérie Lizen

Andaman7 won Janssen France's National Datathon 2019

Andaman7 was invited to participate in the 1st National Datathon organized by Janssen France (Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical group). A challenge we brilliantly took up! We have already talked to you about our first place win at the Janssen Datathon on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), as it was a great achievement for the Andaman7 team. This article will give an overview of this special event. 

Creating patient centered research

The challenges of data and artificial intelligence today represent a major opportunity to better evaluate the care pathways and the experiences that patients experience. The collection, analysis and interpretation of health data provides the keys needed for improving patient care and quality of life.

In this respect, the collection of real-world evidence is one of the challenges. In the near future patients will contribute much more to research from the comfort of their own home. Collecting health data from home allows everyone to understand the value that treatments bring to patients and their families.

An event that unites

The Janssen Datathon, which took place in Paris, on the 3rd and 4th of April 2019, brought together the stakeholders of tomorrow’s healthcare to find solutions to the use of the data along the care pathway. The ecosystem was composed of students, patient associations, startups, data scientists, engineers and scientists or experts. Janssen focused on the critical issues of collecting and analyzing health data to integrate patient experience and quality of life in real-world studies.

In partnership with Bpifrance's "Fonds Patient Autonome " and Dataiku data expert pools, Groupe Estia and Reeport, there were two intense days aimed at proposing innovative solutions on how to place the patient at the center of the research process; a real challenge that was broken down into 5 different categories.

"Beyond the challenge of identifying new technological solutions, our goal was to bring together an innovative ecosystem and create a collaborative dynamic by involving our Janssen teams. The incredible energy and richness of the synergies between all participants during these two days encouraged us and reinforced our beliefs on open innovation," says Deborah Beddok, Digital Innovation Manager at Janssen.

A huge challenge

For this first Janssen France Datathon, "Team Andaman7" brought together our COO, Philippe Lemmens, and two of our developers - Martin Marot and Julien Henrard - as well as three students to support them.   Their challenge during these two intensive days was to develop, within 48 hours, a prototype of an innovative digital solution meeting Janssen's desire to improve its ability to collect quality life data in patients with multiple myeloma, and to link this data with other databases (medicine, administrative, etc.).
The current collection method, based on EQ-5D-5L or QLQ-C30 questionnaires, usually on paper, is not "patient-friendly" and this affects the quality of the collected data, and causes a high rate of abandonment, since patients do not perceive any self-benefits for their participation. The perfect challenge for Andaman7!

"We are very proud to have participated and won this Datathon," said Philippe Lemmens, COO of Andaman7. "Our truly patient-centered approach is ideally suited to Janssen's challenges in collecting quality of life data, and our platform enabled us to develop an already functional prototype in just 48 hours; an achievement which distinguished us from other solutions. The future collaboration with the Janssen teams looks very promising and can be extended to many other areas."

The winners of the 5 challenges

  1. Andaman7 in Hematology, for its shared patient record solution and intelligent module for more interactive data collection and better patient support in the follow-up of his/her illness.
  2. Embleema in oncology, for its blockchain solution built around the patient, which makes it possible to connect cohorts of patients in real time.
  3. Focus Patient in Immunology, for its project which increases the design of the Cassiopeia study by integrating a reinforced patient experience based on 4 axes: his profile, the spouse, the level of knowledge of the pathology and the connected watch.
  4. AdScientiam in virology, for its "Grizzou" application, a real-time thermometer application for monitoring / measuring / evaluating the burden on parents whose child is hospitalized for severe bronchiolitis.
  5. Bioserenity in psychiatry, for its "MyMood" application that allows the collection of subjective and objective (physiological) data based on the 10 items of the MADRS depression scale and reinforced by data collected by the caregiver.

The 5 award winners will be invited to concretize their project by developing the prototypes of their solutions. Janssen will also open one of its current 2019 innovation sites for students who have participated in winning projects. This Datathon should also help accelerate the transformation of RWE (Real World Evidence) by prototyping these digital solutions and identifying the best partners to develop future pilot projects based on real-world data.

Andaman7 among the winners of Janssen France Datathon


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