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Andaman7 Achieves Global eHealth Interoperability

30.09.2021 by Lio Naveau

‘World First’ for Patients Collecting Health Records from US and Europe on Smartphone

Liege, Belgium – 28 September 2021: Belgian-American e-health company Andaman7 is celebrating a ‘world first’ after patients collected their health data via their smartphone from both US and EU-based hospitals.  The moment marked a major milestone in global health interoperability and patient empowerment.

Andaman7 was established by Vincent Keunen, himself a cancer survivor and now active patient advocate, to improve communication across the health ecosystem, between patients, doctors, and researchers. The company provides innovative software technology, with security by design and privacy by default, enabling patients to get full control of their health data. A medical app gives each patient a global view and access to all their health data which they can continually collect, share and control as a Personal Health Record (PHR).

Andaman7 founder Vincent Keunen, explains:

‘More engaged patients with better health outcomes can help save time and money and aid in the development of more efficient therapies. We believe this is a world premiere. Medical records’ access and interoperability is a significant problem – even hospitals in the same country struggle to correctly exchange data. Achieving international interoperability moves the goalposts significantly.’

The step forward was achieved by Andaman7 normalising health data in the PHR, meaning several exchange protocols, formats and interfaces are used to grab the data and store it in a uniform manner inside patient’s smartphones. Storage of the data in a smartphone is key – not only does the patient have instant access to their data but it is more secure than cloud-based systems and under the patient’s total control.

Andaman7’s software also delivers wider health value through Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Real World Evidence (RWE) and remote patient monitoring.

Speaking as the first patient to benefit from having a global PHR established, Andaman7’s user explained:

‘Navigating the medical system can be a stressful experience, over and above the stress related to your own medical condition. Being in charge of our own health data and able to ensure a smooth transition of our medical records from the USA to Belgium feels right. In addition, we can share our health records with each other, and with other health professionals as needed. It can only be hoped this becomes a common option, just like the value we place on storing our personal photos on a phone. What could be more valuable than your own portable, accurate health record.’

This innovation has far-reaching implications for the collection of Real-World Data (RWD) and the forming of Real-World Evidence (RWE). The next step, with patient consent, is to send data back to the hospitals – something Andaman7 is ready for.

The developments are also testament to the work of a European group known as InteropEHRate, who recently published a Whitepaper in August 2021, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, entitled ‘Unleashing personal health data for care and research: The InteropEHRate approach ‘.

InteropEHRate aims to unleash health data from local silos and offer more power to citizens in managing their own health data across different health providers and countries. Citizens’ access to personal health data supports patient empowerment and self-care and can contribute significantly to medical research. This benefits continuity of care between healthcare providers at national level and across borders.

To access the Whitepaper and to learn more about how InteropEHRate enable a citizen-centric approach and the technical solutions in development, visit InteropEHRate-White-Paper.pdf                                                                   

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