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Due to the steady increase in health care spending, hospitals are faced with a major challenge: improving the quality of their intervention while being under constant pressure on the costs.

Evaluating the actual condition of the patient, and the effectiveness of the care provided becomes vital. A revolution is underway: it will no longer be the technical acts that will be reimbursed, but instead the care providers will also be paid for the result. It is therefore necessary to measure actual results, such as physical functioning or pain levels with the patient. How long after treatment can a patient with low back pain return to work? To what extent is a man likely to experience incontinence or sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer treatments?

In addition, there is a noticed reduction in the length of hospital stays, this creates the risk of an unforeseen deterioration in the patient's condition and therefore an increase in the cost of care.

Andaman7, allows simple and effective interaction with patients at any time, wherever it is. Access to the patient's complete medical records and the sending of dynamic and flexible questionnaires allows the collection of data, structured or not, in order to monitor his/her health at any time. Home care and PROM studies are becoming reality for the benefit of all!

Andaman7 benefits to hospitals:

  • Improved patient satisfaction and hospital image
  • Improved communication with patients
  • Remote monitoring of patients condition
  • Real-time interactions Cost reduction
  • Efficient measurement of the effectiveness of care
  • Measuring patient satisfaction Patient Engagement
  • Conduct of clinical studies from a distance
  • Realization of PROM / PREM studies

Andaman7 Products:

  • A7 Starter - Basic module : transfer documents and medical data from the healthcare specialist to the patient
  • A7 Dual : collate and save patient-generated data in the mobile medical records
  • A7 PROM : management of PROM (and PREM) studies, preparation and dispatch of questionnaires, notification, reception, anonymization and return of results
  • A7 Home Care : remote patient monitoring, home care and care pathways
  • A7 Medication : Sending medication / treatment instructions and reminders
  • A7 Reminders : send reminders about upcoming appointments

Overview of the main functions of Andaman7:

  • Synchronization between patient data contained in the hospital's archive (EHR) and the Andaman7 application on the patient's smartphone
  • Integration of patient-recorded data collected via connected devices in the hospital's EHR
  • Preparation and sending of questionnaires or simple interactive forms to the patient
  • Hospital notification messages on the patient's smartphone (form to complete, instructions to follow, reminder of medication, appointments, ...)
  • Possibility of anonymization of exchanges in the surveys or clinical studies framework
  • Highly secure exchanges: encryption end-to-end, absence of cloud storage

For more information, please contact us at: b2b@andaman7.com

Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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