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ScarPath: an awarding-winning project!

06.11.2018 by Vincent Keunen

Vincent Keunen - Founder & CEO of Andaman7 (A7 Software)


Written by Vincent Keunen, @vincentkeunen 

Founder & CEO Andaman7 

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In December 2017, the collaboration between Andaman7 and Awell resulted in a brand new projet: Scar Pathway, a digital solution for monitoring burn scars. After winning the award for the most patient-centered project, the ScarPath success story continues!

Awards for ScarPath

ScarPath wins the beHealth Hackathon Final Award, with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation.
ScarPath offers original and innovative digital patient care for the treatment of patients with scars. This healthcare pathway allows access to specific scar care for each patient, and optimizes the treatment results. The project was launched at the beHealth Hackathon on December 1st, 2017. At that time, Professors Ulrike Van Daele and Dr. Jill Meirte - both linked to Oscare (Center for monitoring and research on Scars) and to UAntwerp (Movant) - succeeded in convincing IT professionals and developers from Awell and Andaman7 of the importance of this digital healthcare pathway. For 48 hours, intensive work was done on a digital application, which won the Most Patient Benefit prize at the end of the hackathon.

What is next ?

Bringing together app developers, healthcare providers and scientists during the Hackathon has resulted in a unique blend. This was a leap into the unknown, especially for healthcare providers and scientists. The end result was entirely in line with the objectives of the event and marked the beginning of an exciting journey for this consortium.

After the Hackathon, the members of the ScarPath team continued to work on the project, which is now to be tested starting in October 2018 at Oscare. Thanks to the obtained reward, a promotional video is being produced. The development of ScarPath will have a significant impact on patients with severe scarring, as well as their loved ones, by simplifying a patient-centered healthcare pathway. This innovation ensures more active patient participation, as well as greater autonomy in the evaluation of the scar and the choice of treatment. Patients thus become active players in the evaluation and monitoring of their scars.

The winning of the King Baudouin Foundation Award will also help showcase ScarPath’s value to the general public in early 2019. 



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