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New partnership between Andaman7 and Laboratoires Réunis

25.06.2019 by Valérie Lizen

[ Press release ]

Your lab results are now accessible in the Andaman7 mobile app


A brand new service for the American - Belgian company and a great step forward for patients. As connected health monitoring is becoming routine, Andaman7 is partnering with ‘Laboratoires Réunis’ to allow its users to automatically receive their lab data such as blood or urine test results, via the mobile app. 

Thanks to this partnership between Andaman7 and Laboratoires Réunis, a new feature is now added to the services that were already available to users of the Andaman7 mobile app: access to the results of their medical biology analysis. No need to wait or search for the latest results of blood tests, urine tests or other lab tests requested by the doctor from the laboratories of the Laboratoires Réunis group; they are now available in the Andaman7 app, for all analysis done in Luxembourg and Germany.

The Andaman7 solution, developed by Vincent Keunen's company, allows users to access their medical information at any time, and to keep their files up-to-date by incorporating all the information they deem relevant: recently prescribed drugs, care protocol following a medical consultation, vaccine reminders, side effects of treatment, etc. Via the Andaman7 app, it is also possible for them to share all or part of their health record within their own circle of trust. As for the members of the patient's care community (doctors, caregivers, parents, friends, ...), they can in turn consult this information via the Andaman7 app downloaded on their tablet or smartphone. The quality of this app has already enabled Andaman7 to conclude an agreement with the University Hospital of Liège.

Laboratoires Réunis is an independent medical laboratory whose expertise and know-how are based on more than 50 years of experience. An enterprise with its origins from Luxembourg, Laboratoires Réunis has more than 60 sampling centers in Luxembourg, wherein they are a national leader in the areas of preventive medicine and molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. They have been established in Belgium since 2014. Laboratoires Réunis are also present in France, Germany and Morocco. They employ more than 250 people.

Technological innovation: LOINC compliance 

As a first step, documents from the laboratory are integrated into the Andaman7 app and displayed in .pdf format. In a second step, the user will have access through the app to the results of his medical analyses in the form of structured data. What could be better than graphs to track the results of ones analyses in time?

The Andaman7 app has already incorporated some 70,000 LOINC codes that describe a test or the result of a test and that are currently used for the standardized exchange of test results and clinical interventions. Thanks to this integration, Andaman7 exceeds the national limits for a system and offers universal compatibility.

"For Laboratories Réunis, it is crucial to innovate creatively and actively in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, in Luxembourg and internationally, where we are more and more present, either directly or through representatives. Our historical clientele, exclusively composed of professionals, doctors and institutions, faces real revolutions in the modes of transmission and use of routine analysis results, our core business or functional medicine, wherein we develop new 'evidence based' approaches that results in huge challenges in terms of information management" explains Prof. Dr. Bernard Weber, CEO of Laboratories Réunis.

An important step forward for the patient

For both the users and the Belgian startup, this is an important step forward.

Thanks to this new feature, the patient now has his data on his/her smartphone. He/she can at will integrate them and share them with his Circle of Trust, or even submit them at any time to the doctor who would be called upon to take care of him/her. And soon, he/she will equally have access to his parameters monitoring graphs. These medical data are indeed very essential in the monitoring of his/her health.

Vincent Keunen, CEO of Andaman7, said "We welcome this partnership with a renowned laboratory whose international presence in France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg enables Andaman7 to position itself as a leading player in the connected health sector."

Udo Margraff, CEO of Laboratoires Réunis, said "The opportunity that’s been presented us is to be able to contribute pragmatically to the integration of new tools and secure communication methods for all key players in the health sector: the doctor , paramedical staff, guardianship institutions and care coverage agencies, and last but not least, the patient themselves, who will play an increasingly active role in these communication flows in the future. All this in accordance with the strict GDPR regulations. We acquire and develop new skills in a pro-active way, notably through our structural collaboration with the Andaman 7 project. This is just the beginning of a long series of innovations, which will serve our desire to develop in the "One Health" approach (one world, one health), promoted by WHO for a few years now."

How can I benefit from this new service?

As of today, patients can register on the website to benefit from the free service.


About Andaman7

Andaman7 is an application that gives users access to their personal medical data at any time, without requiring an internet connection. The application is free and available in 22 languages. It is available for both iOS and Android worlds. No information is stored in the cloud. Security and confidentiality are therefore guaranteed.
Andaman7 is also a platform that offers several services for the medical and research world: care pathways, home hospitalization, clinical studies (phases 2, 3, 4, PRO, RWE, eCOA, NDLR), the remote patient monitoring, etc. The Andaman7 solution has been developed since November 2014, by the company headed by Vincent Keunen. It has a dozen employees.

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