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The first connection with a hospital is up and running !

20.09.2016 by Jeremy Bachelet

Today is a big day for Andaman7: for the first time in Belgium (and many other places), a hospital allows its patients to retrieve a series of medical documents directly on their cellphone/tablet. 

Several months ago, Andaman7 and the CHU-Liège (University Hospital from Liège, Belgium) put together a project that is now coming to life. Upon simple request, any patient of the hospital can receive documents from the hospital’s archive department into his/her smartphone, via our free Andaman7 mobile app.

The data transfer is secured and the request must be made by the patient him/herself to confirm his/her identity. Once the connection is established between the patient and the hospital, the patient’s health record will be updated automatically each time a new document is made available on the hospital’s side. Moreover, the data transfer is completely private. Data are directly sent from the hospital to the patient and no third party has access to them (not even Andaman7). 

Yup, you read it well: no need to scan, take a photo etc of the documents the hospital would have sent you, they will directly land in your Andaman7 app!

We are in contact with several other hospitals to develop similar projects and allow patients a simpler access to their health records!

Are you a patient at CHU-Liège? Send an email to to activate the connection with your Andaman7.

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