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Extension Chrome - Andaman7 Documents Uploader

19.09.2017 by Jeremy Bachelet

Web extension Google Chrome Andaman7

Do you prefer to manage your health record documents from your laptop (or desktop) rather than your Smartphone? It is now very easy to do thanks to our Chrome extension.

This new tool will allow users to backup various documents from their computer (or laptop) to their Andaman7 medical file (smartphone/tablet)

There are two different ways of doing it:

  • By sending one or more documents directly to your Andaman7
  • By taking a screenshot of what is currently on your computer screen

Interesting, isn't it? :) 

Here's how to install this extension:

  •  Download the Google Chrome web browser if it is not already installed on your computer (this is a web browser comparable to Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  •  Open Google Chrome browser
  •  Go to and choose "Add to chrome" (blue button) to install the extension
  • Click on the app icon  in the taskbar to start Andaman7 Documents Uploader and enter your Andaman7 login and password information
  • You can find more information and help with problems here.
  • Your feedback on this new tool is obviously what matters most to us! So don't hesitate to send us all your comments, bugs, ideas for improvement, etc. to

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Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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