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Easily providing patients with their lab test results

30.10.2019 by Valérie Lizen

Andaman7 is a digital and multi-pathology health platform that offers solutions for healthcare stakeholders in the broadest sense: research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, doctors, medical laboratories, patient associations and health professionals. 


Integrating Andaman7 with Laboratoires Réunis, a major medical laboratory in Luxembourg. Patients can now get their lab test results directly from their lab in the Andaman7 health record mobile app. 

Laboratoires Réunis is an independent clinical laboratory with more than 50 years of experience. They are committed to providing high quality testing services and accurate, timely tests results to all their patients. Their expertise extends from classical clinical chemistry diagnostics and microbiology to the diagnosis of infectious diseases and up to genetic testing. They also keep investing in science and technology in order to bring better outcomes for doctors and patients alike. The group is active in Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium and Maroc. With more than 100 centers and 250 employees in Europe, Laboratoires Réunis is a privileged partner for all healthcare biotech activities and business. 

The Challenge

The challenge is to be able to send lab data from the lab to patients, so that the information can be used by the patient.

Our solution

Andaman7 allows patients to get their lab test results automatically from the lab. Patients can easily see and track their data over time, since all structured data is charted in Andaman7. Traditionally data has been sent in unstructured PDF format without charts or the ability to chart the data.

This allows patients to centralize all their lab test results in their health record for better monitoring of their health, and to easily share their health data within their Circle of trust if they wish (i.e. family, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.). 

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