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Collecting patient outcomes before and after implant insertion

25.10.2019 by Valérie Lizen

Andaman7 is a digital and multi-pathology health platform that offers solutions for healthcare stakeholders in the broadest sense: research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, doctors, medical laboratories, patient associations and health professionals. 


This project enables a medical device manufacturer to collaborate with physicians and patients to monitor the patient’s status and progress before and after the medical device has been implanted in the patient. Data is collected several times during a three month period after the operation. 

The Challenge

To enable coordination between the physician, the manufacturer and the patient. The data is anonymized before sending it to the manufacturer and not-anonymized when sending it to the physician. 

Our solution

Andaman7 allows the sending of pseudonymized data. Andaman7 is also designed for a perfect coordination of information exchange between patients, health professionals and partners/study sponsors or CROs. 

The data recorded by the patient is sent to the manufacturer as pseudonymized information entered into the CROs EDC software via secure APIs. It is also sent in an identified way to the hospital so that the medical and nursing staff can monitor the patient's condition. 

Andaman7 supports these two data transfer technologies via the same Andaman7 platform. The data can also be entered in the hospital's Electronic Health Record (EHR) or in the surgeon's specialized software. 

  • Benefit for the patient: Patients are more satisfied, reassured, and feel listened to and cared for. They can see their progress and more easily interact with caregivers if there are any concerns or questions. They appreciate the reduction of trips to the hospital for data collection.
  • Benefits for the hospital: Patient health outcomes are improved through having better data and care coordination. Some hospitals earn increase revenue from remote patient monitoring and avoid readmissions penalties.
  • Benefits for the medical device manufacturer: Collecting data from the patient outside the clinical setting provides more data and clarity on how their device performs more often. They can also receive direct patient feedback to improve their devices and the patient experience. 

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