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Andaman7 - A new paradigm to approach health data

24.04.2023 by Lio Naveau

Andaman7 - A new paradigm to approach health data


Obtaining quality data for research is an ongoing challenge especially from more difficult-to-reach sources, such as over-the-counter drugs, patient-generated data, and real-world information. In fact, real world data can be challenging on several fronts: both for generating the quality and quantity of the data, and securing the inclusion of patients while respecting their right to privacy. 

Andaman7 – a mobile app that collects health data - is dedicated to improving healthcare by providing people with an innovative software technology that is supported by security by design and privacy by default. The app enables patients to get full control of their own health data

What the platform has to offer: Andaman7 is the most advanced platform to enable the two-way exchange of rich health data between patients and stakeholders involved in medical research and medical care. With its focus on patients and their empowerment, Andaman7 is at the leading-edge of patient-mediated research platforms: patients collect all of their health data on their smartphone and explicitly consent to share the data for research purposes. The app’s revolutionary combination of a state-of-the art personal health record (PHR) and medical research platform, enables Andaman7 to run decentralised clinical trials (DCTs), monitor treatment adherence, and gather both real-world evidence (RWE) and Quality of Life (QoL) data.

What other developments are taking place: First, new tools to support clinicians, investigators, medical device companies, third party patient services, and broader healthcare networks are also emerging. These create a more accurate holistic view of patients’ health data, and consolidate operations and efficiencies to develop faster therapeutic solutions. Second, Andaman7's platform also supports Phase IV Market Access and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), enabling the seamless collection of data for studies to target patients and pricing more accurately.

What are the technical, societal, and global missions of Andaman7: With Andaman7, no health data is stored in the cloud, patients have full privacy of their health data, and they always give their consent before contributing their data to medical research. The app includes modules for remote care, telemedicine, and advanced drug management for both patients and medical research. Available in more than 20 languages, the platform can contribute to medical research and empower patients all over the world. The key mission is to put patients in the driver’s seat.

The ultimate endgame is a technology that works with all data types, protocols, sources, and formats for research and care coordination across all therapies. Andaman7 can:

  • Empower patients
  • Measure outcomes (for medical research)
  • Manage disease(s) (for care stakeholders). 


For EHTEL members seeking more information: If you are looking for more in-depth info on these areas, you can access Andaman 7’s White Papers on topics including medical research, technical innovations and clinical trials, as well as other thought-led content and articles published in leading journals on trends in eHealth.


Source: EHTEL website article and A7 digital archive


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