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2022 in review for Outsourcing Pharma

02.02.2023 by Lio Naveau

Discover our CEO, Vincent Keunen interview through 3 articles

Outsourcing-Pharma asked some senior executives for a three-part series looking back on the 2022 year and look ahead to 2023.

  1. For the first part, they asked them to tell them the biggest challenge facing professionals in their corner of the life-sciences industry.
  2. For the second part, they asked them to share with them the greatest technological advances over the course of 2022.
  3. For the third and last part, they asked the speakers to tell them the most significant trends to look out for in 2023.

Senior execs weigh in on challenges for the life sciences sector 

"There has been a feeling of cautiousness limiting new projects and investments. Challenges around data complexity, standardization, and exporting in unique formats have been compounded by privacy concerns and evolving, strict regulation."While the US has made real steps forward and the NHS in the UK offers standardization, in Europe, there are no standards and no uniformity. There are also remaining difficulties around interoperability. So, while real-world data presents a huge opportunity it also presents a huge challenge. "We are operating in a market where regulators increasingly demand real-world evidence, but some regions cannot collect or process it. However, some patient-facing solutions like Andaman7 strongly put the patients first and thereby enable "patient-mediated interoperability"."
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Senior execs weigh in on greatest technological advances in 2022

The emergence of easy-to-use integrated platforms which empower patients with their data is leading to a natural evolution from patient-centered research to patient-mediated research. This innovation can give the industry extraordinary insight, helping us understand patient priorities, how disease affects different people, and the complex interactions influencing health in the real world. "We are starting to see structured data that is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) becoming the reality. Other key advances include the growing role of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and the push to enable health data processing which still respects privacy through the new European Health Data Space."

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Senior execs weigh in on the most significant trend(s) for 2023

"Patient-mediated research will be a key trend as we increasingly recognize the need to place people with lived experience as central players in the healthcare ecosystem. We have already seen large CROs recruit patients and caregivers in more active roles "We are also seeing a rise in 'patient entrepreneurs' developing tools and technologies, carrying out research, consulting, and speaking at conferences. That is how Andaman7 got started. I was a patient and software engineer caring for my sick son. I built the solution I wanted to see and believe future innovations will be driven by others like me.

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Vincent Keunen, CEO Andaman7

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