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One of the most importants aspects of Andaman7
is that it can be used to cover the needs of many actors:


With Andaman7, patients can manage all of their health data in a central place. This covers *all* types of data, wether medical, fitness, nutrition, sleep, genetics... Finally, patients are able to be in control of their health Data. 
This is “empowering patients”.


With Andaman7, research actors (pharmaceutical companies, CROs, CRA, non profit organisations, governments, medical device manufacturers...) can include patients in research projects by collecting RWE (Real World Evidence), PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes), wearables / connected devices data, questionnaires and any other kind of health data. 
This is “measuring outcomes”.

Hospital and individual health professionnal 

With Andaman7, care actors can now better follow patients in and out of the care setting. They can monitor them remotely. They can collect important data from wearables / connected devices and via questionnaires. 
This is “managing diseases”.

Traditionally these activities were not related, not interlinked. But health can not be split. Everything is interconnected. And with a coordinated platform for all needs, you can control health costs, improve efficiency, and dramatically improve quality.

The benefits are many:


  • you do not need an application per condition: Andaman7 eases the management of many conditions in the same app / platform
  • you do not need many applications to solve your various problems: one unique solution to manage by your IT team
  • for your clinical trials and questionnaires, patients are more engaged (dropout rates are reduced) because they see the benefit for themselves : contributing to research improves their personal health record
  • for research, Andaman7 gives you access to a large scope of rich data - everything that is stored in the PHR is accessible
  • regulatory issues are under control: the patients are at in control of their data and always consent explicitly to their data being shared
  • ... and many more.

See our « service offering » by which partners can offer additional capabilities to the platform in an easy, integrated and secure way. These services can be branded to your organisation.

Andaman7 is available in the 20 most spoken languages on earth.

Andaman7 is free for individuals.

Download Andaman7, it's free for individual users and will always be!

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