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Privacy policy

We detail everything in our privacy policy below, but we want to be as transparent as possible and share here with you the main elements of our vision on privacy.

We are a project by patients for patients. And as patients (and more generally as citizens), we believe we are the sole owners of the data about us. Other people can hold data about us if we know about it, if we agree, if we know the purpose and if we can stop that at any time. Our philosophy is actually very close to the European GDPR .

So all we do at Andaman7 is aligned to that. For example, Andaman7 (the company) does not have access to your data (and obviously we don’t process it, share it or whatsoever). All we allow us to do is to offer to you ways to share parts of your data if you see the need for that and a benefit to it, like improving your care or helping research. And you are always in control. Your explicit consent is always needed.

Your medical data is only stored on your smartphone and in your backups. It is not stored on our servers. During the sharing of your medical data (that you always decide), it does transit through our servers in a encrypted manner - and even then we don’t access your medical data.

We do store on our servers a limited set of personal non medical data like your name, e-mail, etc. This is to allow our platform to work and to reduce the risk of potential malevolent users. All the details are in our policy (and we respect HIPAA and GDPR).

We hope this is clear to you. We want to respect the trust you put in us. If you have any question, concern or suggestion for improvements, please send us an email at

Everyone has a right to good health for themselves and their family. Let’s all contribute to make this 25th article of the universal declaration of human rights a reality.

Thank you.

Vincent Keunen

Patient, CEO and founder

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