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Services are additional features offered by Andaman7 partners

Andaman7 is a combination between :

  • A patient facing mobile app - including a PHR but actually much more than that
  • A HIP - a Health Intermediation Platform

As part of our platform, we offer additional services to patients.  These are provided by partners using our secure, distributed, GDPR / HIPAA ready infrastructure.

Services include:

  • Care services
    • Remote monitoring, home care, care coordination, diagnostic support, treatment adherence, disease management, patient education, coaching, advanced modules for specific health professionals...
  • Medical research
    • Clinical trials, real world evidence, outcome measurements...
  • Other services Prevention services, risk evaluation,...

Andaman7 is a general purpose tool - it can be used for any condition.  We offer one unique solution for all your health related needs, be them care centric or research centric.

We are only starting to build our partnerships so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to suggest a service to us. Write us at services@andaman7.com.

If you are a service provider, contact us so we can start discussing our collaboration. Write us at services@andaman7.com. Andaman7 is the broker to patients platform, with patients in control and owners of their health data. NB: while being patient focused, Andaman7 can also be used by any individual - doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, alternative medicine,...  

Andaman7 is free for individuals: https://www.andaman7.com

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