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Andaman7 devient membre d'EUCoLab !

02.06.2016 by Jeremy Bachelet

Grande nouvelle!

Comme vous le savez notre but est de permettre au plus de personnes possible l'accès à leurs données de santé, et ce à travers le monde entier.

Nous somme ravis d'être partenaire d'une excellente initiative européenne: EUCoLab. Il s'agit d'un forum d'entreprises qui se rassemblent pour explorer les politiques actuelles et futures ainsi que l'environnement législatif de l'économie collaborative.

En tant que premier membre d'EUCoLab actif dans le domaine de la santé, Andaman7 rejoint des entreprises bien connues tels que AirBNB, UBER, ou Inuit afin de soutenir le développement de l'économie collaborative en Europe.

Nous sommes très fiers de ce nouveau partenariat et sommes fin prêts à faire bouger les choses en Europe!


La lettre ouverte suivante a été envoyée à la commissaire  européenne Elżbieta Bienkowska :


Dear Commissioner Bieńkowska,

Congratulations on the newly adopted European agenda for the collaborative economy! The European Commission’s leadership on the collaborative economy is strongly welcomed. Furthermore, it is much needed in order for users and entrepreneurs across Europe to fully reap the many benefits of the collaborative economy in terms of jobs, growth, efficient services and the better use of resources. European users expect to have access to modern services across all European Member States. The radically different approaches of one Member State to another are preventing this. European entrepreneurs in the collaborative economy need legal certainty to develop and grow their services across the European Single Market. We strongly hope that regulation can be reassessed at regional and local level to avoid large disparities in regulatory burdens between Member States, thereby supporting the further development of collaborative business models in the European Single Market. As rightly pointed out in the Agenda, existing EU laws should to be applied and enforced to challenge national regulations that are unduly restricting their developments. This approach is more needed than EU laws supporting innovative business models. With the Agenda, the European Commission has provided astrong impulse to Member States to reassess existing regulations, and refrain from passing regulations that are not strictly meant to serve the public interest.

The European Commission also calls for Member States to consider differentiating between professional service providers and peers providing services on an occasional basis. We support this approach, and welcome the establishment of thresholds under which an economic activity would be considered as nonprofessional peertopeer activity and be subject to lighter regulatory requirements. Reputational and ranking systems can prove to be at least as effective as regulatory requirements in ensuring high quality services for consumers and so policymakers should take these developments into consideration. The role of applications which assist users offering their goods and services in the collaborative economy should also be explored. We ask the Commission to examine how they may best enable, and not stifle, innovation in order to maximise the benefit these developments bring to participants in the sector.

The Communication also raises a number of issues that require more analysis. The signatories of this letter stand ready to support the work of the Commission to monitor the development of the collaborative economy, identifying national regulations and cooperation with local authorities that constitute best practises. A growing number of such best practices are developing across the EU. They should guide Member States in shaping their policies and regulations to ensure that the collaborative economy benefits all Europeans, no matter in which Member State they live. Our companies are delighted to work with you as a keypartner in this endeavour.

Yours sincerely,

Airbnb, Andaman7, Homestay, HooYu, VentureLab, Intuit, Lignum Capital, LocoSoco, Nimber, Onfido, Parkfy, Peerby, Seats2Meet, SnappCar, The People Who Share, TicketSwap, Uber, Veridu, YourParkingSpace.

Plus d'infos sur EUCoLab: http://eucolab.delanyco.com/

Membres de EUCoLab:

Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com

Homestay: https://www.homestay.com/

Hooyu: https://www.hooyu.com/

Venturelab: http://venturelab.be/

Intuit: https://www.intuit.com/

Lignum capital: http://www.lignumcap.com/

Loco Soco: http://www.locoso.co/

Nimber: https://www.nimber.com/

Onfido: https://onfido.com/

Parkfy: https://parkfy.com/

Peerby: https://www.peerby.com/

Seats2Meet: https://seats2meet.com/

SnappCar: http://snappcar.com/

TicketSwap: https://www.ticketswap.com/

The People Who Share: http://www.thepeoplewhoshare.com/re.com/index.cfm/

Uber: http://uber.com/

Veridu: https://www.veridu.com/

YourParkingSpace: https://www.yourparkingspace.co.uk/


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