Partner with Andaman7 to tackle the COVID-19 crisis



The coronavirus pandemic will last for months, and could lead to millions of people being hospitalised.

Andaman7 contributes with short and mid-term solutions.

Andaman7 can help patients, healthcare professionals, call centers, hospitals and authorities to manage the crisis.

We developed a free in-app Pandemic Module that can help with:

  • Informing patients with trusted sources,
  • Triage to reduce load on medical staff and call centers,
  • Self-test to reduce the burden on the medical infrastructure,
  • Data collection for medical and crisis management purposes,
  • Medical research with urgent clinical trials, PRO, RWE, QoL studies.
  • Vaccination campaing management to organize large scale vaccinations, remind patients of second dose, collect side effects (pharmacovigilance).

Andaman7 is a trusted and certified partner. We are GDPR, HIPAA, GCP, FDA 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant.

Health professionnals: contact us for more info.

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Informing patients is essential in order to slow down the spread of the virus (aka stretch the peak out over a longer period of time, so that health services are better able to cope), reduce stress and avoid panic among citizens, and fight against fake news. Therefore, we are relaying official, certified information to all through the free Pandemic Module of the Andaman7 app. Learn more.


Patients are worried. They want to know if they are infected at the slightest symptom and they create an extra burden on call centers and medical staff.

Andaman7 provides a triage functionality to reduce the load on medical staff and call centers.

Patients fill in a questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire are assembled in an email or a document which can then be shared with a call center or a doctor. Taking a decision that the patient is ok or needs additional attention can then be done much faster. Communication with the patient can be done by a simple email reply. Interview time is reduced, and the call center can process more requests. Medical staff can focus on more difficult cases and more vulnerable patients. Learn more.


Several self-tests have been developed by reputed medical authorities. Andaman7 implements such a self-test directly in the health app of the patient. The results are stored in the health record itself. They can also be transferred to a healthcare professional (by email or FHIR API where supported). Learn more.

Data collection

Andaman7 can be used to send questionnaires to patients to collect important information (have you been diagnosed with the virus, do you think you have symptoms, where have you travelled recently, etc.).

The data can be instantly collected and aggregated to help with decision making at political / population health level. The data collected can be anonymised or identified, according to the needs and regulations. Learn more.

Medical research

In a matter of days, Andaman7 is able to deploy the tools and infrastructure needed to feed clinical trials with Patient Reported Outcomes and other relevant.

Data is collected from patients with their explicit consent and from their PHR (Personal Health Record), possibly with a connection to their hospital, lab, etc. (we support thousands of hospitals and labs, including Apple supported ones). Andaman7 also supports importing data from many wearable devices. Learn more.

C19 Text

C19 Text

Partner with Andaman7 to tackle the coronavirus crisis

Download app on ios and android

Download app on ios and android

Our mobile app

We developed a free mobile app (available on smartphones and tablets, for Android and iOS) offering a complete, distributed, and collaborative Personal Health Record (PHR).

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Download app on iOS and Android download Apple IOS download Android
Download app on iOS and Android download Apple IOS download Android