Who are we ?


Andaman7 was created to significantly improve communication between doctors and patients and empowering them to work effectively together.

Our history

Just a few years ago, Andaman7 founder Vincent Keunen, managed Manex, his software development company, while enjoying his family life. Then in 2007, everything changed. Three months after being diagnosed with leukemia, Vincent’s 10 year old son, Peter, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Their family life became very tough. Everything turned upside down: priorities, dreams, and goals.

Peter underwent intensive chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and his right leg was amputated. Vincent is taking Glivec, a special medication for the form of leukemia he was diagnosed with. Today, Peter and Vincent are healthy, thanks to the advances of amazing modern medicine.

These health and healthcare experiences are the source of motivation to create Andaman7. Vincent shares more on his personal blog: http://bit.ly/a7vkblog

Vincent has decided to concentrate on helping the health sector better communicate with patients and many other partners in the healthcare eco-system. His wish is to create a secure and effective tool that is easy for all to use.

Vincent speaks of open source and its TEDx lived in Liege

Voluntarily Free

We decided to offer the application - both doctors and patients - to show our willingness to help the global health community to adapt more quickly to new communication tools.

In addition, a public API is available and allows any other tool to exchange data with Andaman7.

And of course, since we are not millionaires and more philanthropists :-) we use a non-intrusive advertising model and additional paid features to cover the costs of the project.

The parent company

Andaman7 is initially a project of the company Manex.

Founded in 1986, Manex is specialized in the development of software based on advanced technologies and reliable open source software. Manex has broad expertise in both custom development, as in the implementation of products such as iBats, Jafar or iSeg. We use agile development methodologies such as Scrum. More information about www.manex.biz

In December 2014, Manex is sold and Andaman7 activity is transferred to a new company A7 Software to focus energies on that new project.

How to help?

We want to help communicate better community for better health for all. If you too want to help us, please tell us!


  • you can help us translate Andaman7 in your own language (form here)
  • you are going to a great event and would love to spread out some flyers or stickers
  • Whatever your skills are, a little bit of your time will make a great donation to us!

... Send us an email to support@andaman7.com

Download Andaman7, it's free!

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