New feature Version 2.0 - The icons-grid section menu

Welcome beautiful icons!

So long boring lines and come the (almost) best looking icons you've ever seen !

More intuitive & clearer, they allow a fastest and more fun reading of the medical sections of a health record. Isn't that what good apps are all about, simple & fun ?

Each and every one of the 18 medical sections has been represented by a graphical icon representing it (an apple for "Nutrition", a pill for "drugs", etc). By default, the 7 most used sections are displayed:

  • Allergies
  • Personal data
  • Contacts
  • Consultations
  • Documents
  • Drugs
  • Blood test and analysis

To display all sections (even the ones that contain no data), simply click on the option menu (3 dots at the top right of your screen) and choose "display all sections".

If by any chance you want to go back to the older overview, simply click on "Overview" button right under the profile picture of the health record. Your sections will be displayed with lines and columns just like in the older versions.

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